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I recently purchased Emerald and Evergreen from Darby and I am very excited to see where this business takes me! I am a single mom of a two year old little boy, I am also an Esthetician who runs my salon from my home. This business is special to me because Darby was a single mom trying to pay her bills when she started this, and my goal is to do the same so I am able to continue to stay home with my son as much as I can. I am going to home school my son so this is the perfect opportunity for him and I!


The first sip of coffee. Old oversized hoodies. Sleeping in the woods. Falling in love. Seeing people happy. Dog cuddles. Long road trips. Disney movies. Quick flights. Watching a storm. The smell of fall leaves. Popcorn. Weddings. Swimming in the Ocean. Making new friends. Sleeping babies. Sunday drives. Growing plants. Old songs. Children laughing. Naps. Being at home. Coffee after dinner. Reaching goals. Clean sheets.

& the perfect tee from Emerald + Evergreen.

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